Press Release – “OpenStack for Architects”



 The definitive book on OpenStack architecture, published by Packt Publishing, is now available from leading booksellers.

 The 214-page book, “OpenStack for Architects” explains how to implement successful private clouds using OpenStack, the extremely popular free open source cloud operating system. “OpenStack for Architects” leads the reader through each of the major decision points that the reader will face while architecting an OpenStack private cloud. At each point, we offer the reader advice based on the experience we have gained from designing and leading successful OpenStack projects in a wide range of industries. Each chapter also includes lab material that gives the reader a chance to install and configure the technologies used to build production-quality OpenStack clouds. Most importantly, we focus on ensuring that the reader’s OpenStack project meets the needs of their organization to guarantee a successful rollout.

 The book is targeted at a broad spectrum of readers, including IT architects, engineers and programmers seeking more knowledge about private cloud platforms as well as seasoned OpenStack operators who are looking for guidance around operational topics such as monitoring, capacity planning and security.

It is now available (list price $39.99) from Amazon, O’reilly and Packt Publishing and books will be available at a discount at upcoming Red Hat and OpenStack Summits.

About OpenStack

OpenStack, an Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) platform is transforming the way infrastructure and workloads are provisioned and managed through self-service and on-demand tools. OpenStack enables IT departments to meter and manage infrastructure in a private cloud, much like public clouds like Amazon’s Web Services.

The book provides a step-by-step process and guidance to planning and running an OpenStack cloud in production. It also helps readers through the components of OpenStack and lab construction as well as deploying, integrating and configuring OpenStack in existing enterprises.

 About the Authors

Ben Silverman, as the Principal Cloud Architect for OnX Enterprise Solutions, is responsible for providing strategic and tactical cloud leadership to OnX’s customers. Previously, Ben was a Senior Cloud Architect at Mirantis, where he developed cloud solutions for many Fortune 100 companies. Ben has been involved with OpenStack since the Havana release and is an active technical contributor. Prior to working for Mirantis, Ben was the Lead Technical Architect at American Express, where he built one of the largest financial services OpenStack clouds at that time. Ben is an exuberant OpenStack evangelist who is often seen speaking at industry events and conventions about OpenStack adoption, scale challenges, and cloud operations. In his limited spare time, Ben and a few others have taken on the task of re-writing all of the OpenStack architecture and operations guides that are currently available on the OpenStack Foundation website. Ben has a Master’s degree in Information Management from Arizona State University and lives in Phoenix, AZ.

Michael Solberg, as a chief architect, is responsible for helping Red Hat customers achieve their key business transformation initiatives through open source architectures and technologies. He regularly advises a range of Fortune 100 companies in financial services, healthcare, retail, and transportation verticals on topics such as cloud computing, big data, high-performance computing, and enterprise middleware. At Red Hat since 2008, Michael has led a number of successful initiatives to assist strategic customers adopt new virtualization, systems management, and engineering practices. His previous experience includes building web hosting infrastructure. He is also an avid supporter of the OpenStack project. Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia and is a regular speaker at industry events.

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